Actun Tunichil Muknal is a 40 min drive from banana bank,50 min hike through the Tapir mountain Nature Reserve(flat Trail) 3stream crossings during the 50min. hike. water level is just about knee deep. You will be required to swim into the entrance 15ft. in length and about 15ft. deep. We will continue hiking through a break down which is maze of rocks that fell from the ceiling. Here we will be going through a tunnel with water about waist deep and the ceiling about a foot over your head. We will continue the next 1/2 hr. with water level varying from ankle to chest deep. The ceiling would be about 30ft above your head. water temp. 70 degrees Fahrenheit. After the 1/2 hr. hike we will be climbing out of the river on an incline about 40ft. high to get to the main chamber. Here we will spend 2 hours looking at the artifacts, human remains and beautiful formations. At the end of the chamber we will be heading back out the same path that we took in.