A transfer from Belize City on the Western Highway brings you to the Cave Branch River and its winding path through the Maya Mountain and numerous ancient caves once inhabited by the Maya. On arrival at Jaguar Paw, be prepared for a 45-minute jungle trail hike. Your guide will point out various plants, roots, and herbs once used by the ancient Maya. The entrance tunnel that heads into the underground cave system is the start of an “eye opening” adventure. Your guide hands out lights, and you are ready to float in inflated inner tubes assisted by gentle current taking you through the cave system. Intricate crystalline formations line the caves and stalagmites and stalactites add to the serene opulence of nature. Come dressed in bathing suits, T-shirts, shorts, tennis shoe or water shoes. A change of clothes, shoes and a towel are recommended. Dine on a freshly prepared local lunch of rice and Beans and Stewed Chicken, a Belizean Specialty.