Not only is Belize City your gate way to mystic Mayan Sites (only found in Central America), adventurous caves, rivers, flora, fauna and relaxing breathing beaches, but is also filled with history. Belize City has the only manual swing bridge in the world and is still being swung daily. The oldest Anglican Cathedral Church in Central America, St. John’s Cathedral, was built in 1812 from brick brought as ballast from European sailing ships. Over the years, Government House (now a Museum) was used as an administrative office and living quarters for the governors of Belize. This was built in the early 1800 with a combination of Caribbean Vernacular and English Urban architecture. The Lighthouse monument at the Fort George Point towers over the harbor entrance. This was built from money donated to the country by Belize’s greatest benefactor – Baron Bliss, the 4th Baron of Portugal. At his request, he was entombed in front of the lighthouse which he designed himself prior to his death.